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Their ultimate goal is to make money and gain customers. They may have not paid for it, but they did the work, and all us couponers know, couponing is work! Live and let live…. There is nothing wrong with it, if people are getting the items for less than the store sells it, and you are still making a profit…who cares? My mom said there would probably be a lot of Nivea body wash at the flea market when that coupon was out. If that is the case, then you should all quit being hypocrites and relinquish every single one of your luxuries to help everyone less fortunate than yourselves.

The bottom line is this: if the shelf at the store is cleared when I get there, then I go somewhere else to find my deal; if the shelves are cleared there too, then OH WELL. I just wish people would MTOB!!!! I quality for government assistance, but am unwilling to actually sign up for it. I work a full-time job and do what I can. If someone I know needs something, I give it to them. And one day I hope to be at the point that I can afford to buy extra items and donate them to my local food pantry that has helped me in my time of need.

I have mixed feelings about it also but I think it is not the right thing to do. I try not to get stuff that I do no need with coupons others who need it can get them. The thing is that we spend money on newspapers and gas to drive to stores and printer paper and ink so why should we not get some money back. I do not think I would sell the stuff at a garage sale I would perfer to donate but others might need the money and it is there stuff to sell if they want to. How is it ethically ok to get something for FREE and get a tax write off on it by donating it? Just a thought. We held a garage sale this past summer.

At the garage sale, we sold all kinds of items that we cleaned out. And yes, some of the items in our garage sale were from our stockpile! Our family originally want to send a large portion of our stockpile to Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims. However, that was not a need for the victims seeing as most in need no longer had a home!

Instead, we sold these items so that we could send them money. Every penny that we made from the garage sale went to a church in Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims. Be careful before you judge. People may just be trying to help others out. I think it is a great way to help ppl get a good price on stuff. Not everyone has the time or patience to coupon and it gives them a chance to save also.

I find that if you wait until a week or even a few days before the coupon expires you are more likely to get the item. Since a lot of coupons only allow 4 items per transaction, I have just made it a habit to only add 4 of each item to my stock pile. The world of buying selling all works on the same principal. Buy low sell high. I also resale items online that I buy at yard sales, thrift stores and Goodwill. It is how the world works. In the end, the companies and the stores that sell these products make tens of millions of dollars.

If it hurting them if you resell the items for pennies compared to what they are making? Yep I do, it goes into my business fund. There are a lot of people that use ebay like a yard sale. I see nothing wrong with selling anything you own for money. There are those that sell wine corks on ebay. These days you can sell anything. No it shouldnt matter. Couponing is very time consuming, and if people want to sell their goods then go for it!!

Like you said, it is no different than the vendors you see at fairs and carnivals.

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Do you really think they paid the same price for that can of pepsi that you are buying it for? Everyone is struggling to make a buck these days. I personally am over all the bs that goes with couponing and have not done it for several months now. I live in a small town and the shelves are ALWAYS cleared, and most usually by the very people heading our local coupon groups. Walgreens had no business banning that customer either.

Thats just wrong…. I am a couponer and I do it to save my family money…but this idea of buying extra and reselling it to make ends meet is ludicrous. There are jobs out…maybe not your ideal ones but there are jobs. The politics behind couponing has become ridiculous. People clear shelves…. People hoard…. I guess I have a different theory behind my couponing…I do it in small doses to help stretch our budget.

I start again in January. Any couponer that has a stockpile has earned it. Many times over in fact. Couponers clear shelves because they may have gone to the store 4 or 5 times and the items were gone. When they finally find some ,their coupons are near the expiration date ,so they take whats there.

Real couponers know that people that have a lot of coupons to fill either have bought multiple papers, have multiple computers ,or have purchased coupons. Couponing is a blast ,but when non couponers or alleged moderate couponers are sleeping or having fun ,we extremes are scanning the sites ,clipping or making trips to the stores. People that cry about mt shelves should direct their attention to the maufacturers and the stores for their inability to meet customer demand.

People are suffering and couponing is a survival technique. Sorry us newbies have inconvenienced you. See you in the mt isles. Most manufacturers clearly state at the bottom of their coupons items purchased with coupon are not for resale. A lot of our extreme couponers are defrauding both manufacturers and retailers. Costing people their jobs and raising the costs on everyone else. Also, many companys are now starting to partner with manufacturers and IRS to put an end to this and to track down the big defrauders. If you are making money and not reporting the income on your IRS statement — lookout!

Well, our company is working with the police, manufacturer and District attorneys to prosecute these people for fraud. Be productive and stop trying to scam!!!! Teaming with the IRS? What misinformed no it all told you this? Please, next time you see a stockpile sale hurry and call the IRS and tell on them. Then listen as the agents laugh at you behind their hands.

Taxes are based on profit, and because coupons are considered legal tender there is very rarely any profit. You may not like that answer, but it is what it is. When the states stop charging sales tax on the cull purchase price then you m ay have a point. So when is the IRS gonna knock on my door because I sold my mom a bottle of shampoo, soap, and tooth paste for the price I have on it? You must be an angry minimum wage cashier that is mad because u have to scan coupons??

And I will continue to purchase for friends and family and allow them to repay me…. So when the police and IRS are ready to knock on the door they have my address and phone number on the file on all my shopper cards… Ill be waiting. In the meantime I will not pay full price for anything…. Wow, I have been applying for jobs for a long time. To Me ,You have every right to sell your stockpile. The grocery chains are making a killing ,and leave us chasing coupons and sales.

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Then some naive people defend them. This week Shaws has Dynamo clothes detergent buy one get two free. Still is higher than Wal-mart. They think we are stupid. Good luck to you! She sells stuff name brands much cheaper then I could ever find it -even with a coupon at Wal Mart. Hope she does it forever. And it really helped us make ends meet and it helped the seller make ends meet. These days you have to do what you have to do to survive. I applaud anyone who is doing anything legal to support their families. I also think there is a difference in someone clearing out the last handful of items left on a shelf and someone taking I try not to take more than 4 items off the shelf at one time, but sometimes that is all they have.

Quite a few of those end up being items I donate to the local food bank like the U by Kotex liners from CVS this week. So what does everyone think about this? My husband is in the military so we will undoubtedly be moving around. Should I donate or sell it? It is a great way to help your fellow military that could be struggling to make ends meet. I pretty much sold it for what I paid, and Donated the rest. Im a military Wife, TMO came and packed us up today. I saved a few items from my stock pile.

I see no harm in selling it, but NOT to make profit ya know? Is there any difference if they won something and sold that? Read the fine print thang sets not for resale. You are taking money away from the companies that make this product and the companies that sell them. Admit it to yourselves stockpiles and shelf clearers you are all just addicted to shoppin. Lawn sales are for selling extra or unwanted items. People have the right to sell extras from their stockpile.

The lady that wrote we clear the shelves in the grocery store because we cant go to the mall is off the mark. We clear the shelves at the grocery store so we can go to the mall. Then we shop the malls sale ,use coupons ,and pick up change on the ground. If we are lucky ,some returnable cans will be in our path.

3. But there’s no 10% annual dividend when you use a coupon or buy clearance.

People that take the time to bash something as innocent as couponing ,must be challenged at some level. What would you like to challenge me on? I have my opinion you have yours. Seems like youre alittle sensitive about the subject. No one needs to stockpile products to the extent we see on tv and people talk about. I think it is wrong for people to be stockpiling more stuff than they need. They could use this stuff. I think if they are going to stockpile, they should be donating the extra to people that need it. I think eventually this is going to cost us more. I also think if they are allowed to do it, it should be at the end of a sale week.

Then everyone else has had a chance to take advantage of the sale too. In reply to Kelly , isnt buying things and selling them for a higher price capitalism. Why should Shaws or CVS have a corner on the market of food or household goods. As a shopper ,I would check the prices at the Flea mkt and if there was a good deal to be had ,they would get a sale.

They are misinformed. The manufacturer puts out a coupon that is a very small fraction of what they get for the product normally. If its a coupon that matches up with a store sale ,then they sell a ton of it. Through this ,they get their products out there ,take the business away from their competition, and get people hooked on their brand. This does happen. I am very thrifty ,but after trying certain things ,I too have loved them ,and eventually bought them at regular price. Manufacturers have no control what stores charge for their stuff.

Shaws charges percent more than Walmart. Why wouldnt you alleged moral folks find an issue with that? Arent they ripping off the customers through pricing ,and the manufacturers through reduced sales? The stores get reimbursed full value of the coupon plus 8 cents. This is real money. Couponing transfers money from faraway bloated consumer manufacturing companies to local economies.

For example: I cashed in 11 1. The cost was. I suspect Johnson and Johnson can afford their coupon promotions as they have a long history of making huge profits on the backs of economically challenged consumers. The local Walmart got a sale that pays them an additional 8 cents per item ,or.

The state got. I lost. I give it to students and family or eventually the food bank. Some of these people will like Reach and become lifelong customers of the brand. Couponing is a win ,win for the stores ,the manufacturers and the consuming public. As far as the whiners who complain of mt shelves.

If a deerhunter went hunting ,saw no deer ,and then railed against all other hunters for allegedly getting his deer ,wouldnt we see him as a little boy whistling into the wind? I read that one lady spent an hour reading the blogs ,then wrote as a more informed person ,but still with her conviction about couponing.

Couponing is available to everyone. Even those that work have days off ,evenings off etc. Things that are resold should remain in original packaging and the expiration dates should be unaltered. Beyond that ,I suspect its a free country. Obama wants the wealth redistributed. Maybe we can do it from the bottom up. Perhaps a little from the grocery industry to the long victimized consumer. Happy shopping. I would also like to say that I totally agree in couponing to feed your family, and stocking food ahead for your family.

I do not believe in stockpiling stuff you do not need, just because you can. I am a couponer with a ton of experience and a ton of coupons. If I find something I need and I have 20 coupons for it, I will take as many as that retailer will allow me to. Moving on to resale of goods. It is technically illegal. You know what I mean. I totally understand with a retailer providing enough stock for their customers.

But tell me just how often is any retailer, big or small supposed top anticipate with certainty who is going to come into their store say CVS, and clear it out of all 20 of aparticular product. And what? Get stick with more than they need when no one makes a run for them. The first morning of the sale they were out. I asked the manager how many they had to begin with.

She said 6. And no rain check because it wasnt an item they normally carried. There must be a happy medium. They shouldnt be left with hundreds ,but 6 for a sale is silly. I was also told that CVS lets the couponers in on sat nite when the sale doesnt start till Sunday.

No wonder people are saying the shelves are cleared when they arrive Sun morning.. I find shelves mt all the time. It just makes more of a challenge.

Etiquette For Selling Your Stockpile at Garage Sales

Couponing is innocent and legal and this is still a free country. If this is happening at your store, call corporate! Unfortunately that is not true. All of the CVS stores in our area got in trouble by corporate for starting the sales on Saturday nights. According to corporate rules, sales can only run Sunday-Saturday.

And that is bogus. I have worked at CVS for two years at four different stores. Same schedule at all four stores. Both sales on Saturday nights. I was told by Harris Teeter that they could order of an item that is going to be on sale, but if the distribution center only wants to send 50, that is what they do. The stores have no control over the amount of inventory they receive. Well, couponing is no different than any thing else in this country.

I agree with the hunter example. First come, first serve. If you get up early, get all the deals, then get up early again and go sell it at the flea markets…then good for you. That means my tax money is not going to support you. Sell items that you get from couponing is no different at garage sales. I come across stuff all the time that is brand new, in a box that people are selling. If they make a profit off what they are selling in a garage sale, good.

But most likely they are not making a net profit because of everything else they are selling. I personally sell my deals to friends and family. So I pass the savings on to them. I buy 4 papers a week. Now yesterday, Loreal hair color was on clearance and yes, I cleared them out. Sorry, I found the deal first.

And if the truth be known, everyone is getting a piece of the coupon action. Though I love this page dearly and some of the other pages too, they make money from all of this too. Even though I know how they do it, I support what they do so I help them to make money off of me. They show me the deals do all the hard work , I support them then I get the deals, sell it to my people.

Heather ,you say you have very little ,but still wouldnt sell something on a lawn sale. Maybe thats why you have so little. Its a tough world out here. This blog has been about right and wrong and morals. Society molds you people to think like you do. If you were homeless ,they would leave you out in the cold. If you needed a specialist but had no insurance ,you would be left to die or suffer.

Couponers are good people ,playing by the rules , to try to survive. The grocery stores have no rules. They can pay 50 cents for something and sell it for 3 bucks. Wheres the outrage there. We have become sheep. The people couponing ,and even selling a shampoo for more than they paid for it are the good people. The amount of energy put into bashing innocents ,when channeled in the right direction ,could be quite useful. I too find shelves cleared. I expect that.

I know that if I make return trips ,I will find it. Stores are so accomodating with rain checks ,that I am amazed that people find the need to whine. Grow up people! I agree with Joe, how many times have you found the shelves cleared? Did you cry about it? You went and got a rain check, then came back and got the item. He also has the right to comment on whatever he wants, as you have the right to keep telling him to stop.

Am I the only one who special orders products if I know I need more that 3 or 4? I do donate most of the excess I get. When you walk out paying pennies for your purchase, the store only gets hours according to the ending total of your transaction. I believe that sometimes we can get in to having toooooo much of one thing and are never able to use it all- I say sell it and give others great deals. I will give away things and still have too many sometimes. I want to be paid for my work.

You can Google the laws yourself. Once an item is purchased from a retailer it is yours to do with what you will. I am a couponer. I work a full time job,and when I get home I spend hours on the computer reading blogs, checking out coupon match ups and I know that my paper delivery guy drops the paper at 5am Sunday morning.

I do not clear shelves, I will drive to 5 different stores or go to the store every night of the week to make sure I use all my coupons without clearing a shelf. I follow ALL the coupon rules and I know most store policies by heart. I let my friends and family go shopping for free in my stockpile whenever they feel the need. I take the crazy fun obsession I have discovered and I use it to suppliment our income.

Want to judge? I would love to know some more about this. I just got a sellers permit and have set up an online store, well in the process. I know how hard couponing is, I have tried to teach many but instead they wait for me to do it and then they just reap benefits, which is fine, I am plenty generous but I am a stay at home mom, my hubby works 6ampm most days of the week and I just started this shin dig today and have already made 3 orders. I have been researching the legalities of it all and I would really love your opinion and maybe some pointers?

To me couponng is deff a full time job and although you do get things for free, my tax is 9.

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Good for you Trish! Good luck! Thank you. Your words are inspiring. So many people judge because that is the world we live in. I am a couponer who is about to have her first sale. I need the money because I am about to be homeless. I have helped countless family, strangers, friends, and family. The strangers are the only ones that were truly grateful. Click-through this link to see the current REI offers and promo codes. Sale prices shown reflect REI discount given on select gear during the winter sale.

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Sale prices as marked - no REI coupon code needed to save on select past-season apparel. Some restrictions apply. Limited time only, prices as marked. Get Deal. Prices as marked. REI Deal of the Day lasts 24 hours, or until the featured items runs. REI outlet items have a day return policy with prices as marked. Big outdoor brand names go into flash saving mode where you'll be able to save big on those higher-quality designs you've been eyeing for a while.

Act fast before you miss these one-day deals. REI's Deal of the Week page features a new collection of special discounts on select items every Friday you may not normally see with sale prices this low. Early birds can start at 7 a. Delfel Road, Ridgefield. There are just as many reasons why people sell and shop at this extravaganza of second-handedness. Or get pots and pans for your house. For others, garage sailing is fundraising for extras — like one family that was aiming for a trip to Disneyland. Some sellers are just looking to unload too much stuff, of course, and figure this centralized spot is the best way to accomplish that — if not the only way.

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And for many, she added, garage sailing is simply social — a great American marketplace for friendships as well as cheap stuff. Kim Buffum said she grew up sailing the soggy garage sales of Portland under protest , while her husband, David, is a product of the sunny swap meets of Southern California.

The couple used to travel to a big Memorial Day and Labor Day flea market in Packwood until David hatched the idea of starting a similar event in Portland. The first event, in , featured plus booths in one corner of the Expo Center.