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What is Black Friday? It has been around for much longer than people think; it began in the 19th century, the day after Thanksgiving as an unofficial beginning of the Christmas season — the last Thursday in November, delegated by President Lincoln. What is the history of Black Friday? Black Friday was invented to solve the issue that retailers would often become bankrupt because the holiday shopping season was too short.

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After petitioning to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to move the Thanksgiving holiday to the fourth Thursday of November. Why is it called Black Friday? Black Friday was originally named because so many people went shopping in the dark hours of the morning and night which caused a lot of traffic accidents, crowding in stores and violence. When is Black Friday ?

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What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday boasts the most online sales of the year; coined in by a marketing team at Shop. Whilst Black Friday boasts a lot of electrical goods offers, Cyber Monday is the time for fashionistas and people who are quick at staying updated to online offers to shine! When is Cyber Monday ? This year, Cyber Monday will take place on 26 th November.

One theory is that the term "Black Friday" was coined by the Philadelphia police department in the '60s to describe the heavy traffic on the roads and the crowded sidewalks every Friday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Deals 12222

A later theory is that Black Friday plays on the accounting term "to be in the black", used when a business starts turning a profit. The implication is that this window of trading is so good it keeps retailers healthy for the rest of the year. Heading out to the shops this Black Friday, or braving the traffic online? Our number one tip is to prepare early. Start populating your most wanted list using the tool at the top of the page and identify the products you'd most like to save on.

If you're heading into the fray and visiting a physical store on the day, you'll benefit from a sales assistant to help you along, though you might want to pack a good book or playlist to keep you company amidst the queues.

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Avoid the lunchtime rush if you can help it and try and go as early or as late as possible. If you're shopping online, bookmark your favourite pages and pick a window of time to do your browsing. Another option is to keep the Currys PC World site open throughout the morning, afternoon and evening so that you don't miss spur of the moment Black Friday bargains. Once again, if you somehow miss out on the best Black Friday bargains, check back on Cyber Monday November 26 th for more big savings.

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Why not start with TVs? You'll be pleased to know that we'll have Black Tag deals running in the lead up to the big day, which will see prices reduced across many major television brands. There are several theories for where exactly the name Black Friday comes from. The theory that Wikipedia holds as true is that it has its origin in both New York and Philadelphia over fifty years ago. But to find out why and how, we need to start with another holiday. That other holiday is Thanksgiving, which is the precursor to Black Friday. Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

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And since it is a Thursday, a lot of Americans take Friday off to go shopping with the intention of getting some early Christmas presents. The first time that Black Friday was mentioned in the media was in In both New York and Philadelphia, people flocked as usual the streets, eager to exercise off the turkey and to buy Christmas presents.

The multitude of people right at this time, or possibly the exhaust from their cars, gave rise to the nickname "Black Friday".

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Whatever the truth, Black Friday is today the biggest shopping day of the whole year in the United States. The fight to cut the best deals is great. The shops usually open at midnight. Even then, the queues are long and fighting that leads to personal injuries is not uncommon.

In a Walmart shop just outside of New York in , for example, a shopkeeper died after a herd of queuing bargain hunters forced the entrance doors. But Black Friday grows every year as more and more shops and consumers discover the sale. It's common for shops to start their sales at midnight.